Feria Del Caballo, Jerez

A scene at the Feria Del Caballo in Jerez Spain (David Henderson)

The Feria Del Caballo is one of Andalucía’s biggest festivals. The fair attracts more than one million visitors and features music, dancing, bullfights and all kinds of horse competitions, from dressage through to polo.

Jerez del la Frontera is a city where sherry, flamenco and horses vie for top billing, but over these seven days in May the horses have no competition (even if the fair does also involve plenty of sherry and flamenco). Each day there’s a colourful parade featuring hundreds of horses passing through the Parque González Hontoria fairgrounds in the north of the city, the aristocratic-looking male riders decked out in flat-topped hats, frilly white shirts, black trousers and leather chaps, and their female crupera (sideways pillion) partners in flamenco-inspired dresses. Similar to Seville’s Feria de Abril, the fairgrounds are filled with more than 200 casetas(tents), all open to the public, which serve up an intoxicating mix of food, sherry and flamenco dancing which carries on into the early hours of the morning!


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