A Bite of the Pringle – The Olympic Velodrome

©David Henderson – All Rights Reserved

©David Henderson – All Rights Reserved

Designed by Hopkins Architects in 2011 the Olympic Velodrome in London is known as ‘The Pringle’. The roof is designed to reflect the geometry of cycling as well as being lightweight and efficient reflecting a bike. There is also a 360-degree concourse level with windows allowing people views of the Olympic Park. The velodrome is energy efficient—rooflights reduce the need for artificial lights, and natural ventilation reduces the need for air condition. Rain water is also collected, which reduces the amount of water used from the municipal water system. Designer Ron Webb, who designed the velodrome tracks for the Sydney and Athens Games, was in charge of the design and installation of the track. The 250-metre track was made with 56 km (35 miles) of Siberian Pine and 350,000 nails.

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